A dream is a wish your heart makes

Vivid dreams are a common pregnancy symptom, which I guess makes sense. Dreams are expressions of latent thoughts and feelings, and when you’re pregnant you’ve got a lot of those.

It’s common that your deeply felt joy and anticipation comes out in happy dreams of holding your new baby close. It’s also common that your deeply held anxieties come out in disturbing dreams of giving birth to monsters or animals or electric guitars. But for me? It seems there’s only one fundamental desire in the deepest corner of my soul.


Night after night I dream of marathon shopping sprees of the most beautiful clothes my imagination can conjure. Satin sheaths with sheer, beaded overlays. Airy tulle skirts flowing from rich velvet bodices. Spectacular prints of midnight and gold. Rows upon rows of dresses, and every single one of them just waiting for me.

My god, how did I never know I am so vain? How did this even happen?

Was it you, Spencer?!?


Was it you, Aria?!?!




I’m sorry, Little Skullface. In the light of day, I think about you nearly all the time, and I care only a teeny, tiny bit that I may not buy myself nice clothes for many more years to come. But I can’t help it – at night, the illicit fantasies arise.

Your mother’s a flawed woman, Baby Skullface. But I’ll say this: once you get here, you’re gonna look good.

Here’s a little video I made just for us, baby.

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